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AOA propo DO v7

Full coverage, adaptable to the needs of all subscribers


Property Damage Insurance is a compulsory insurance for new constructions or restorations / extensions. Its purpose is to guarantee the reimbursement or repair of disorders covered by the decennial guarantee within the deadlines laid down by law and without awaiting recourse
against those responsible.


In addition to any search for liabilities, the repair of damage to the work carried out and repair of damage to the existing works are fully incorporated in the new work’s guarantee. The warranty covers damages, even if they result from a defect in the soil. The manufacturers, importers or the technical controller are responsible if they:

  • Compromise the solidity of the structures during the construction operation.
  • Affect the works due to problems with their resources or items of equipment, rendering them unsuitable for their purpose.
  • Affect the strength of one of the fundamental elements, such as the foundation, skeleton, enclosure and cover structures within the guidelines of article 1792-2 of the Civil Code.

Damage repair work also includes any demolition, removal or dismantling work that may be required. Property Damage Insurance at UBI offers you:

  • Coverage of up to 15 million euros of work.
  • A technical study conducted by specialist subscribers.
  • A quick quotation under 48H.
  • Optional guarantees from non-realisable builders, good functioning and immaterial damages up to 25%.
  • Special and advantageous rates for social housing.
  • Implementation of framework agreements.
  • Additional legal protection.