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AOA proposition Multi risques entreprises

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Property Damage


Regardless of size and revenue, in insuring or co-insurance

  • industrial and commercial enterprises,
  • service companies,
  • private hospitals,
  • private learning institutions,
  • wine properties,
  • buildings/structures, …


A Damages insurance policy (industrial risks) for large companies and a professional multi-risk for SMEs / SMI / ETI, adaptable to any type of industrial and commercial activity, also guaranteeing the operating loss and additional costs.

Des contrats multi-sites permettant de couvrir entreprises, bureaux, magasins, immeubles, chaînes d’hôtels, … implantés sur différents sites, dans un seul et même contrat, quel que soit le nombre d’entités à assurer.

Multi-site policies to protect companies, offices, stores, buildings, hotel chains, ... located on different sites, in a single policy, regardless of the number of entities to be insured

An All Risks Except plan for office premises, granting damage assurances, including on materials and goods, liabilities, costs and losses

A comprehensive multi-risk policy dedicated to the personnel of the wine sector (owner-operators, non-harvesting cultivators, cooperatives, merchants with or without bottling), to cover property damage to assets and wines (All Risks wine), consecutive financial risks and the responsibilities of the insured.

A professional multi-risk plan exclusive to hotels in protecting the structure but also the hotelier, his activity, his dwelling and his private life.

A multi-property building (PNO) guarantee, offering a comprehensive insurance solution for buildings over 4,000 m²

For service providers (IT firms, consultants, communication professionals, etc.), Albingia offers a solution All except property damage, Professional liability and / or after completion, as well as the support of overhead costs in case of damage or injury to the fundamental person. This solution also adapts to new companies.

It is vital for a company to protect its assets and investments in order to maintain its financial stability.

A catastrophic event or fire can result in a loss of customers or markets and even its permanent cessation.

Our experienced underwriters work closely with our engineers to ensure our clients receive the best risk management services and guidance.

Our underwriting philosophy is based on the partnership we have fostered with our brokers to develop a high-quality risk portfolio.

At Tokio Marine Kiln, we understand the importance of securing an insurance program that is tailored to protect the wealth of our customers and to ensure that they can maintain their business operations in the event of a predicament.

Our underwriters design custom-made insurance programs to guarantee protection that is truly tailored to the needs of our clients.

Tokio Marine Kiln offers to the Start-ups and Small Businesses of the French and European market, a total capacity of 120 M € euros, in co-insurance or excess on the following business sectors:

  • Storage & Warehousing
  • Metalcraft
  • Electronics
  • Plastics
  • Textile
  • Paper Industries / Printing
  • Agribusiness (Food Science)
  • Glass / ceramic industries
  • Para-chemical industries
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Real estate, homes, offices, shopping centers

We accompany our clients with underwriters, engineers and crisis management adjusters

Legal Safeguard


All professionals, regardless of their revenue and number of employees

  • Large companies short of a legal department with the capacity to handle such disputes
  • Trades / craftsmen
  • Freelance/Contract professionals


Albingia offers three options

INITIAL, safeguarding the company, in the event of discord with its clients, suppliers or subcontractors

PREMIUM, offering essential assurances for a business, including labor /claims court protection and worldwide territoriality tax protection

OPTIMUM comprehensive, also including "debt recovery" assurance, "transfer or change of business ownership", "public relations/communications support", "access to state support and revitalization funds"

And unique solutions

A Legal Safeguard exclusively dedicated to Solar Power Plant operators, facilitating their defense in case of litigation

  • relative to equipment
  • relative to the set up or maintenance of the plant
  • relative to the lease
  • with a neighbor
  • with a credit institution
  • with the tax authorities, ...

A Legal Safeguard solution that protects land developers, real estate agents and brokers in their affiliation with all stakeholders during a construction, restoration or development operation, particularly when they are the subject of a claim that does not fall under liability insurance warranties

Risques speciaux

Extraordinary Risks


Participants of the event organization (fair, trade fair, conference, convention, exhibition, show, theater, sports event, ...)

Companies, associations, communities and individuals, who organize events (happy hours, meetings, seminars, local festivals, weddings, ...)

Producers or Film directors (short or feature film, television, reporting, documentary…)



  • Cancellation, with customized insurance (unavailability of venue or speaker, bad weather, ...)
  • Damage to equipment (technical, scenic, accessories), during the event, including transportation
  • Liability, including property made available, locker rooms, political staff, ...
  • Insurance for Professionals for volunteers and where appropriate for participants, spectators, ...

Audiovisual (short or feature film, television, reporting, recording, institutional films, animated films, ...)

A comprehensive agreement including all necessary extensions (unavailability, damage, RC) and covering the entire duration

  • of production (before production, production, audiovisual documents)
  • a video capture
  • a live broadcasting

Albingia also covers

  • cancellation and damages for casting of fashion shows
  • Christmas markets
  • temporary ice rinks
  • year-round coverage for companies organizing events for their own account