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Cyber risk

Data loss is not always a calamity, unless poorly managed. It is essential to know how to react in case of encroachment.

Sooner or later, any company managing customer data will face the challenge of data breach. It's all about knowing how to react.

From hospital health professionals to retail financial services, tens of thousands of businesses a year are learning the hard way that there is no perfect cyber security.

The stakes are high. Your customers trust you with their personal data. If they do not confide in your business, its future could be compromised. A data breach cannot be taken lightly - you have too much to lose if its poorly managed.

We recommend a custom-made policy, adapted to the needs of companies, offering support, preventative actions, and insurance resolutions to cyber-risks (loss, data leakage and damage to the Information System).

Our experience

When managing a data breach, you want regain control the situation because your reputation is at stake. To cope with the emergency, it is essential to be supported by an experienced partner.

Our solution focuses primarily on crisis management following such events. We endorse and place contracts with leading companies in this field who work with computer experts and specialized lawyers to help you identify losses, assess your liability, inform those concerned and preserve your reputation which also make available to you, lawyers recognized for their expertise in constantly evolving areas (class actions, regulatory inquiries concerning the confidentiality of data).

We cannot guarantee your cyber security: nobody can. But we can help you react effectively.

Our offer:


  • Implementation of training modules on specific topics (encryption, employee awareness, etc.)
  • Connection with specialized stakeholders


  • Assistance and Crisis Management: IT security, legal fees, cautioning, internet surveillance, ...
  • Public liability.
  • Content of a website.
  • Public relations.
  • Administrative investigation.
  • Cyber extortion.
  • Data restoration.
  • Operation losses.
  • Penalties.

Crisis Management:

  • Computer expertise
  • Crisis communication expenses
  • Legal advice
  • Expenses related to cyber-extortion
  • Cautioning and monitoring fees
  • Data recovery and computer system overhaul expenditures
  • Management of pecuniary consequences following administrative or governmental sanctions
  • Liability for a breach of data or systems
  • Liability related to the content of an Internet site
  • Guarantee of loss of income / exploitation


Up to 25 000 000€


All companies or institutions regardless of size or operation (including the financial sector, medical, retail).

Benefits of AOA:

  • We work with the best companies recognized worldwide in this sector: ex Beazeley.
  • Simple and fast pricing (72h)
  • Comprehensive policies taking into account all the issues to be addressed.
  • Very competitive prices.